Theme: Security and Economic Challenges in Idomaland

The Idoma Association USA annual convention for this year 2019 is scheduled to take place in New York, the big Apple city of the United States of America. The theme for the convention: Security and Economic Challenges in Idomaland will drive discussions towards identifying the underlining factors leading to the prevailing increase in the wave of insecurity in a community of people adjudged to be one of the most peaceful and socio-culturally stable and vibrant people not only in Benue State of Nigeria but the entire Nigeria. The Idoma nation has over the years leveraged on their cultural norms as a critical pillar of its security stability to promote a self-sustaining agrarian based economic infrastructure for the survival of its people. Despite the near absence of any tangible or intangible economic developmental efforts from the state and federal governments, the Idoma people, based on their inbuilt intuitive hard work and pride for family survival and advancement have through the proceeds of their hard labour contributed significantly to the development of the Country Nigeria in all spheres ranging from the military and security forces to keep Nigeria as a sovereign nation as well as to all levels of the academia and the civil services.  That is why, every Idoma citizen on the globe must be concerned with the advancement in security threats emanating not just from the convoluted scenarios of herdsmen killings that has led to a large-scale internal displacement of the Agatu tribe, the long standing and reoccurring clashes of the opposing Okpoga clans, but also, the increased presence of armed robbery, gangsterism, cultism but to name a few that are now wide spready across Idomaland; activities that are gradually eroding the erstwhile stable agrarian economy that have supported the Idoma people. Security and Economy are inseparable and proportionately related indices for measuring the wellbeing of a people, whereby any significant distortion in one leads to a proportionate degradation of the other culminating in a significantly negative impact on the people.

The relevance of identifying the root causes in the current downturn in the security and economic dispensation in Idoma land will only be of value if at the end of the convention, there are clearly articulated solutions with a defined plan of action and accountability on the part of all stakeholders that would be responsible for executing them.

The Idoma Association USA is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization in the United States with a Mission, which includes but not limited to promoting the economic and educational growth within our communities in Nigeria and the unity of the Idoma people in the United States. While therefore recognizing that it must remain apolitical in this matter, our Association will through this convention provide an avenue for critical stakeholders drawn from the Idoma community in Nigeria and in the diaspora to come together in a neutral and equally apolitical environment in New York to discuss the theme with a view to achieving its set objectives as mentioned above. In this regard, the Secretariat has initiated the process of sending out invitations to all sons and daughters of Idoma land particularly from Nigeria that are directly involved in governance, the economic sector and from the academia etc. and most importantly, those that are directly impacted by the current challenges.

The Convention is scheduled to take place from 2nd to 3rd August 2019 at the Adria hotel and Conference Centre located at 221-17 Northern BLVD, Bayside, New York11361, USA. A more detailed Programme of Events shall be published on this page in due course. The Secretariat of the Association wishes to call on all the sons and daughters of Idoma living in the USA to please support all efforts at all levels to see to the successful hosting of the Convention. We therefore implore all members who have not paid their annual dues to immediately do so as participation MAY be limited to current active members. We equally pray for journey mercies for all our invitees as well as success as they commence all administrative and logistical arrangements to attend the Convention.


Mr James Idoko, Secretary
Idoma Association, USA
Tel: +1 612 9686 9798