Theme: Idoma Cultural Heritage: A Footstool to our Socio-political and economic advancement in the Nigerian polity

Greetings to all Idoma sons and daughters who may read this and our well-wishers all over the world.  I hope we are all doing our best to keep safe during this unprecedented COVID 19 period, which has not only posed the greatest threat to human existence in recent times but has caused one of the biggest disruptions in our way of life. But we must be resolute and keep believing that what does not kill you only makes you stronger. It is with that,  I want to inform everyone that the Idoma Association USA annual convention for this year is scheduled to take place in Minneapolis Minnesota, the USA from 05 to 06 August 2022. The theme for the convention - Idoma Cultural Heritage: A Footstool to our Socio-Political and Economic Relevance in the Nigerian Polity is drawn from recent happenings in the Idoma nation, from the changes in the paramount leader of the Idoma kingdom and some of the important, the quest Idoma daughter or son to be elected to the Office of Governor of Benue State and the concerning security situation and youth restiveness in Idoma land. The Convention will be tackling some salient issues from the theme of the last Convention held in New York, USA 2019. The theme of the 2019 convention was aimed at identifying the main factors leading to the prevailing increase in the wave of insecurity in Idoma land, a citizenry adjudged to be one of the most peaceful and socio-culturally stable and vibrant people not only in Benue State but the entire nation. There was also heightened concern on the security threats both from internal and external sources and their impact on the advancement of the economic activities of the Idoma people in the Nigerian political environment. A clear deliverable of the convention was the need for the Idoma people to look internally to see how best they can adapt their cultural norms to the prevailing changes in technology and socio-political and economic environment to build a solid framework, robust enough for the sustenance of its people as well as continue to remain relevant players in the elevated platform of governance at the State and the federal government levels; making sure its voice is heard as a people and its interests fully presented and represented in all nationhood dialogues that affects its survival in the Nigerian polity. The theme, therefore, calls for immediate discussions and actions to create this framework, which will serve as the footstool for the socio-political and economic relevance of the Idoma people in the Nigerian polity. Our Association plays a leadership role in funding education in Idoma land by awarding scholarships to students at various levels of their secondary and tertiary education and therefore will want to explore the best way to collaborate with the Federal University of Health Sciences, one of its kind that has just been installed in Otukpo.

The Idoma Association USA considers it a duty to inform all stakeholders and the public that it is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization in the United States with a Mission, which includes but is not limited to promoting the economic and educational growth within our communities in Nigeria and the unity of the Idoma people in the United States. While therefore recognizing that it must remain apolitical in these matters, our Association will through this convention provide an avenue for critical stakeholders drawn from the Federal, State, and Local government strata of the Nigerian polity, the Idoma community in Nigeria, and in the diaspora to come together in a neutral and equally apolitical environment in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA to discuss the theme with a view to achieving its set objectives as mentioned above.

To do justice to the theme of this year’s convention, therefore, the Association shall be inviting His Excellency, Mr. Samuel Ortom, the Executive Governor of Benue State and relevant members of his cabinet, representatives of Zone C Senatorial District of Benue State at the National Assembly and the Benue State legislative council as well as leaders of the Idoma Local Government Areas and Councils. The invitation shall also go out to the paramount ruler and chief custodian of the Idoma Culture, Chief Dr. John Elaigwu Odogbo and relevant members of His Royal Council and other pertinent speakers from the political and economic sectors as well as academic institutions whose roles/activities impact directly on the welfare, wellbeing, and economic development of the Idoma people in the Nigerian polity. Participants shall include all members of the Association drawn from Canada, the USA, and Mexico, sons, and daughters of the Idoma kingdom, and other guests from Nigeria and across the continents of the world.

For emphasis, the Convention is scheduled to take place from 05 to 06 August 2022. The venue is Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. A more detailed Programme of Events shall be published in due course. This announcement shall be attached to all letters of invitation and the pair shall be used as a supporting document for the processing of travel and visa requests where necessary. The Secretariat of the Association wishes to call on all the sons and daughters of Idoma living in the USA and Canada to please support all efforts at all levels to see to the successful hosting of the Convention.

We equally pray for journey mercies for all our invitees as well as success as they commence all administrative and logistical arrangements to attend the Convention.


James Idoko

Secretary Idoma Association USA